Drop particle impact in the midair (a first study of its kind)

Research interests fall under the general area of thermo-fluids and more specifically focus is on:

(1) Drop surface interactions that brings together the fields of fluid mechanics, physical chemistry, and surface engineering. We look at how drops wet a surface, how a drop impacts a surface, sprays, development and application of superhydrophobic surfaces, drop shedding and adhesion, coating, particle wetting, drop evaporation and condensation, and patterning self assembled monolayer surfaces using a laser beam.

To study drop-surface interactions we generally use one of the following routes: (a) manipulate surface chemistry and/or topography; (b) vary liquid properties; or (c) a combination of (a) and (b). Then various high speed or thermal imaging, surface characterization, e.g. contact angle measurements, SEM, FTIR, and force measurement techniques are used to understand the physics and behavior of systems.  As appropriate we use analytical and simulation tools to augment our experimental investigations.

(2) The group also has expertise in developing instrumentation, e.g. a sophisticated drop motion analysis instrument, to facilitate studies discussed in (1).

A particle laden drop after evaporation

We have conducted our studies in collaboration with SEMs and large multinational corporations, as well as, grants from various governmental agencies.

Industry sectors we have worked with included energy, aerospace, membrane and coating, electronics, printing, instrumentation, health and transportation.

Collaborations with various groups internationally has been a long standing tradition in our group.

(3) In the recent past we have also conducted groundbreaking work on development of a novel drug delivery platform based on magnetically guided particles to the respiratory system for chemotherapy purposes which is  conducted now. Experimental and numerical simulation of reconstructed ACL ligaments and knee implants was also done in the past.

A video describing my research interest on droplets

Frontiers of Science Talk (Whistler, BC, Canada) 2016