Research Team

Meet SEiL Lab research team members!

  • Constantine Papakonstantinou

    Undergraduate student

    Education: Currently enrolled in undergraduate studies at Lassonde School of Engineering. Current stream is Space Engineering. Position at SEIL: Research Assistant Project:  Developing a wind tunnel for mass flux homogenization to model the heat-mass transfer characteristics of droplet nucleation.  Towards understanding the effects of shear flow on condensation viz shedding …

  • Amirhossein Seyedmehdi

    Post-Doctoral fellow

    Position at York: Postdoctoral fellow (project: Fabrication of superhydrophobic coatings) PhD: Chemical Engineering (Western University, Canada) PhD Thesis: Functional polymer coatings

  • Hamed Almohammadi

    Master of Science student

    I received my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tabriz (2013), Iran. Currently, I am a M.Sc. Student and Research Assistant in SEiL Lab at York University. My research is focused on drop impact on moving hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces. You can also find me on Google Scholar and …

  • Sechenyh Vitaliy

    Post-Doctoral fellow

    Vitaliy got his Ph.D. in Engineering (Thermal Science), October 2008 from Department of Thermal Physics and Applied Ecology, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies in Ukraine, his work was focused on “Experimental investigation of drop impact onto solid particle in mid-air” which is a very important phenomenon in many industrial processes involving fluidized bed, which include the refining of …

  • Sayed Hossein Banitabaei

    Ph.D student

    Hossein received both his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology where he served as an academic instructor in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory as well. During a Ph.D. program at SEiL, he is supposed to pursue a comprehensive investigation on drop and particle impact in mid-air which has a broad …

  • Deepak Kumar Mandal

    Post-Doctoral fellow
    Deepak photo

    My focus of research is on droplet and interface science. The work encompasses the characterization of shedding of droplet on various surfaces, impact of droplets on a surface, internal circulation inside an evaporating droplet, sprays, etc. These are important in the field of aerospace engineering research, spray, evaporative cooling, etc. I choose experimental …

  • Huanchen Chen

    Ph.D student

    Huanchen CHEN obtained his bachelor degree from Jilin University China and master degree from Imperial College London, UK. He started his Ph.D study in 2011 in Mechanical Department of University of Alberta, Canada. Now, his is a visiting Ph.D student working with Dr. Amirfazli in SEil of Mechanical Department of York University. His …

  • Mehdi Ataei

    Master of Science student

    Mehdi Ataei received his bachelor degree from Sharif University of Technology (class 2014) in Iran. He started his Masters study in 2014 working under supervision of Dr. Amirfazli and Dr. Tang, his work is currently focused on the study of asymmetric liquid bridges between two surfaces.